Rabu, 17 Jun 2009


During a holiday trip to Sabah, the first thing in my mindset is to visit one of hundred island of them. The nearest island form KK is Manukan and Mamautih Island. With a fare around RM21.00 included boat fare, island tax and etc. actually is very reasonable price for us to be there.

Early in a morning around 9.00 a.m., my team was in Jesselton Point ready to explore Manukan Island. But it take a long time to have one boat to reach there, because a lot of people that day. They all want to reach before the afternoon.

Even this is a sixth time visited Sabah, I never reach at any island in Sabah before. A journey with 9 seated boat, about 25 minutes to Manukan Island make some of our guy get sea sickness. It must be funny. Lot of people will be drunk of the beer, but my men gone drunk with sea sickness. Ha..ha ... look tough enough but they flat than.

Very pity Manukan Island, there no coral and marine life look actrractive. Infect if you want to see a little bit of coral color it all gone with evolution of the development in Manukan Island. So what can you see in a Manukan Island? is just a normal scenery with white mermaid hanging a round on the white sand a long the seashore. Some of them with topless, and other all less - upside down. For me just bottomless under water while diving into the blue deep sea.

Spend a few hour in Manukan Island make me tired soon with swimming, explore into the deep sea. Our lunch that afternoon meal just maggie mee only with RM4.00 for a bowl. Because that day a lot of tourist landed in the island. What to do? Something is better than nothing.

On the way back from the Manukan Island, I my mind - a lot of thing was missing there. Especially is a nature marine life. Life as it goes…. as my heart said – “If you need something new, you will lost you old love one”.
Thank you to all blogger for visit my blog today. Until than, in the next story about my journey next time in Vietnam may be…so soon. LIFE AS IT GOES….

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  1. manukan island dipenuhi dgn pmandngan yg menakjubkan.ramai pelancong wanita-wanita yang trlupa bawa pakaian semasa di tepi pantai. betul ke tu.

  2. Salam Bro Kuntong,

    Manukan is one of very amazing island of Borneo, not just a women tourist was forgot their cloth, even if you'll be there you will forgot too.

    Over all who cloth less (most of them are outsider tourist ) for a local people like me always forgot of somebody are still waiting for me at home. Wakaka....

    Manukan Island many people said `A Paradise Of Borneo' Is it so? The answer is YES indeed.

  3. Salam Zedmagel (:-D

    It's sad when nature is sacrificed for development and commercialization.

    Anyway, mermaid tu ada tak yang ala2 Paulina Pariskova?

  4. Mia's Mom,

    Welcome to you...it very sad when the nature of island in sacrificed for commercialization. What can we do? It's a development progress for people coming.

    About the mermaid, that the only scenery will cure for me from sadness. They all like Paulina and Paula Abdul. their skin turning burning like me..he..he..