Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011

TIME HAS PASS US BY................

Its a long time... this blog does not have long crossed by such stories. Not also because by anything, maybe a bit of work constraints. Actually lead a life as a mediocre person like me is increasingly difficult to be expressed. Not with just words, let alone to take it.

A life more beautiful-age infants, children an adolescents. Perhaps no load in mind nor responsibilities. I think a teenager undergoing a short and no satisfaction. It true, many people say "young age is very short time, then we should never waste". If your are free at this moment - spend it for happiness. 

Face adulthood and then old, bla.. bla.... extent, life less brightnese. Not deny the pleasure of Allah SWT give, but transition was very different little trips. So what was the old from, we should be thankful to the Divine Rabul Izzati the grant.


This further at age, in order to continue with something in a life of all sorts can happen. We can only lose their dignity an self-pressure deck needs to live torture mind. But thanks still applied in order to meet a blessing form Him whatsoever.