Selasa, 25 Mei 2010


Blue Moon Rise Up In Kampung Scene

Blue moon in the sky
dark night, can't see why?
want to reach it too high
just can see before it shy.

Blue moon rise up
something will missing
a green or else....
but it bring another thing
as human being
what can we think?

Jumaat, 5 Februari 2010


Kampung Meal - Lets makan (eat)
Even its a few meal, but don't dare you try to judge by it look like very delicious. Have a taste..

Bright of a blooms make your garden look more attractive

BATIK SARONG - It normally hang around
in the Malays Garden,
because it use for take a bath at nearest pond

Lately it hard to spend a time to write something in this entry, however I try to up date this bolg as well as I can. Thank you for all my lover bloggers because still with me, even this house, like "in this dull page". I"m sorry, but I still love you all.

This entry will bring you some view in Malays Garden what is really happening. Have a nice tour..